B 40 W Bp Pack

B 40 W Bp is a walk-behind scrubber dryer with disc or roller brush, maintenance-free battery (24 V, 105 Ah), variable traction drive (forward and reverse) and KIK key system for protection against incorrect operation.Extra feature: eco!efficiency mode extends battery life, tank rinsing system for automatic cleaning of the dirty water tank without splash-back, auto-fill function for convenient filling of the water tank as well as Dose cleaning agent dosing system for direct dosing from the cleaning agent container.


Power supply (V): Batteries 24V/105Ah

Working width, brush (mm): 430-550

Working width, vacuum (mm): 850

Fresh / waste water tank (l): 40 / 40

Brush speed (rpm): 180/1200 (disc/roller)

Brush contact pressure (g/cm2):  15-160

Motor rating (W): max. 1300

Traction motor rating(W): 300

Max. area performance (m²/h): 1700-2200

Weight (with battery) (kg): 164

Dimensions (L x W x H) mm: 1490 x 520-620 x 1145

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