ChipMaster 220 Wood Chipper


For tackling those really big jobs, you can rely on ChipMaster 220 with its substantial 220mm chipping capacity to get the job done. Engineered with a 50hp Isuzu water-cooled diesel engine and the Disc-Blade chipping system, this ultimate road tow chipper retains all the popular features of a GreenMech machine.
A substantial 1100mm x 800mm infeed chute with bottom control bar, coupled with an infeed throat opening of 230mm x 230mm enables branches to be easily and quickly rocessed. The spring-tensioned twin hydraulic feed rollers are controlled by the advanced electronic No-Stress system and powerfully crush woody material to give effective throughput management of up to 7 tonnes per hour.


Key features:
• 220mm chipping capacity
• 50hp Isuzu diesel engine
• Disc-Blade cutting technology
• Twin hydraulic feed rollers
• No-Stress power control
• Standard spare wheel
• 1440kg weight

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